There are many good reasons for spending 30 Euros on a tree.

It’s not about a single tree but also about its future and the safe space for wildlife. We don’t do greenwashing. We’re a non-profit organization with a simple promise:

The Green Forest Fund takes sustainable and transparent action for the protection of the environment to create the ancient forests of tomorrow. Our trees are guaranteed to grow with the ideal conditions so they can absorb the maximum amount of CO2.

That’s what we need your donations for:

  • We acquire plots located in Germany. We guarantee that the trees are protected to absorb a lifetime of CO2.
  • We protect our plots from being exploited for economic purposes or any future profits – neither by industrial forestry nor by private investors.
  • We choose our trees from a range of species for healthy and natural companion planting – in accordance with the protection of the environment and the Paris Agreement against climate change.
  • There will be enough room for each tree. We will plant only 500 – 2,000 trees per hectare; industrial forestry plants an average of 3,000 – 7,000 trees per hectare.
  • All the trees will be planted and looked after by us. If requested, we can plant substitute trees for a period of 10 years. Each tree is given an individual tracking number.
  • An ancient forest enhances the protection of the environment and the biodiversity. That’s why we create additional precious spaces for bees and butterflies. The seeds of these plants are top quality and tailored to the location.
  • And we have to face bureaucracy and marketing costs, too: we need to manage the plots, and for now, we have to communicate our good news. We’d be happy if you could help us!

The Green Forest Fund is the easiest, most natural and sustainable way to compensate for your entire individual carbon footprint.


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