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The Green Forest Fund (GFF).

The Green Forest Fund (GFF) is a young non-profit registered association based in Heidelberg, Germany. Our aim is to make a sustainable, local and transparent contribution to the protection of the climate and the domestic species.

We create new, ecologically sustainable mixed forests and protected areas, and preserve existing woodland areas with old tree populations, which we convert into tomorrow’s ancient forests. This is how we want to secure the natural resources for humans, animals and plants and make our contribution to the protection of the environment, biodiversity and CO2 absorption as part of the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change

In Paris, it was decided that from 2050 on, global CO2 emissions are to be reduced to zero. The states ratifying the agreement commit themselves to compensate the greenhouse gases effected after 2050 by reforestation.

Your support makes the difference

It all starts with you: With the help of your donation, we plant trees to compensate your personal CO2 emissions. This creates an opportunity to live a climate-neutral life. In addition, we invest the donations in the acquisition of land in order to make it available solely for nature. These areas are then used to restore nature and preserve the unique beauty and diversity of nature on our planet. The areas for planting the trees are located in Germany and are guaranteed to be protected from access by investors or any environmental damage. Thus, we provide a space for animals and plants to rediscover their origins here.

We are a team…

… of people with different professional backgrounds, who work together on this idea and passionately run climate and animal protection. We are energetically supported and inspired by our Head of Happiness, Labrador Eddie (Edward of Black Pearl). The association was founded, based on his ecological ideas, by Thorsten Walter.

Our vision

We act on behalf of nature and we are committed to the protection of climate and species, because there is only one Planet Earth. In our project, we put a special focus on trees. The Green Forest Fund allows a life in harmony with nature for everyone. We help you minimize your carbon footprint – with one or more trees, because the Green Forest Fund plants trees for you at your discretion. With your donations, we acquire plots of land for natural development in Germany and create new stretches of protected areas, in which nature and wildlife can unfold peacefully. The Green Forest Fund permanently protects these areas against industrial, profit-driven and environmentally harmful influences.

In this way, we want to preserve the natural foundations of life for humans, animals and plants by contributing to the protection of the environment, biodiversity and CO2 absorption according to the Paris Climate Agreement.
As an independent association, we want to motivate everyone to participate – individuals as well as businesses. This is why we give everyone the opportunity to take action against climate change and claim responsibility. With a donation of 30 Euros, we plant and maintain a tree and we purchase the property on which this tree can grow without being disturbed. In the course of about 100 years, four trees can absorb the average CO2 emissions of 12 tons per person in one year. Planting four trees each year not only absorbs a person’s average annual CO2 emissions but also creates new spaces for nature and protects the land on which the trees grow.

With this easy way of taking action, we want to effect a change in the people’s mindsets in favor of the protection of nature and the environment.


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