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Important notes: Regular donations can be cancelled at any time. Your donation is tax deductible. You will receive a donation receipt in February of the following year. Your data will only be used for the administration of your donation. We do not pass them on to third parties.


Together for the Environment:
Our New Forest Donation

We are on a mission to create tomorrow’s forests today. And we had an idea: we can do this not only by planting new trees, but also by preserving existing woodland areas. By converting them into ancient forests we ensure that the trees can grow freely and undisturbed. With our new forest donation you can support our mission: we’re already looking forward to it!

The forests around the world are of fundamental importance to us all: we depend on them as they protect our climate, purify the air we breathe and store our drinking water at the same time. They are not only our natural and cultural heritage and a recreational and leisure area for us human beings, but also a habitat and shelter for millions of animal and plant species. And yet the area covered by forests is vanishing around the globe at a rapid pace: around 60 million cubic meters of wood are felled every year – as building material, fuel, for paper production or as packaging material.
This annual deforestation is a huge problem: trees, woods and forests are no longer seen as one of the most significant parts in the protection of climate, animals and nature, but merely as raw materials.

Protection Instead of Exploitation:
Our Ancient Forests

How can we solve this problem? We will make the woods stronger. By protecting them instead of exploiting them. Whereas 98% of the woodland area in Germany is used for forestry, our trees may grow old in a natural way. The trees on our protected areas become part of a new ancient forest – right in the middle of Germany. In this way these woods will become sustainable future or climate forests.

The oldest tree on our planet, a spruce, lives in Scandinavia and is 9,550 years old.

Become a Forest Donor!

In order for us not only to plant new trees, but also be able to protect our existing woodlands, we are now introducing a forest donation. We select existing woodland areas, buy them and make sure that every single tree there can grow undisturbed and freely for as long as it wants to.

There is at least one old tree in an area of about 10 square meters. So if you decide to make a donation of this amount, you will practically take on a tree sponsorship. At any rate, you will protect our native forests from logging and soil compaction, and create tomorrow’s ancient forests, providing shelter for wild animals and plants.

We Help You Compensate Your Annual Carbon Footprint!

Greenplanting instead of Greenwashing: By protecting primeval forests with old trees and natural regeneration, you can offset your CO2 consumption. One single tree absorbs an average of 3 tons of CO2 over a period of 100 years. That’s roughly the amount each of us generates in a quarter of a year. After all, we give this area back to nature as a permanently protected habitat. In this way, all our trees may grow undisturbed for all their lives and turn into tomorrow’s jungles.

What’s the Location of My Tree?

With our tree tracker you can find the exact location of your tree. As a thank-you and a lasting memory, you will receive a beautiful digital certificate – including your personal identification number! This identification number allows you to track the sheltered area on which your tree stands.

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