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We create tomorrow’s ancient forests!

In order to protect the climate, we have some of the most powerful allies living on this planet: trees. But our helpers need help themselves: our help. We are limiting their space for living further and further. In Germany only 2% of the forests currently have a protected status, but even there wood can be harvested. Most of all trees serve as raw material supply and are cut down after reaching an age of 60 to 120 years. However, if only we let them, trees could become up to 1,000 years old or even older. The oldest tree on earth is a spruce. It has been living in Scandinavia for around 10,000 years already.

The German writer and poet Erich Kästner knew: „Es gibt nichts Gutes – außer man tut es“: Nothing good happens unless we do it. So, let’s become active and start by planting a tree. Or lots of them. Because our trees are allowed to grow until the end of their natural lives. It is an easy calculation: A tree can absorb roughly 3 tons of CO2 in the course of an average human life. This is about the same amount of CO2 that every one of us emits in three months’ time. Planting four trees each year will therefore compensate for our personal carbon footprint on average. This is why trees are one of the easiest and most effective tools against climate change. The prerequisite, however, is that these trees are allowed to grow without being disturbed to reach their natural age.

This is our mission! We acquire suitable land where we plant trees that won’t serve any primary economic purpose. They are allowed to grow to a natural forest ecosystem that offers a home to many different animals and plants, that improves air quality and fights climate change effectively. Just the way nature arranged it. And in order to improve biodiversity, we additionally create protected spaces for pollinating insects and our feathered friends. Apart from that, we preserve existing woodland areas with old trees, which we transform into tomorrow’s ancient forests.

4 trees can neutralize your annual carbon footprint.

  • A 100-year-old spruce absorbs roughly 2.6 tons of CO2 over its lifetime.
  • A 120-year-old beech absorbs roughly 3.6 tons of CO2 over its lifetime.
  • A 100-year-old oak absorbs roughly 5 tons of CO2 over its lifetime.

We see this as our chance: the damage that humankind has caused can also be repaired by humankind. We can do something. Instead of burying our heads in the sand when facing global trends such as rainforest deforestation, vanishing insect populations and climate change, every single one of us can make a contribution and help nature.

With your donation of 30 Euros, we plant and take care of a tree for you, which will absorb 25% of your annual CO2 emissions.
This means that four trees for 120 Euros per year or 10 Euros per month completely compensate your CO2 footprint. Your donation will help us purchase land and take care of young trees, and it supports our public relations, which carry our idea and our message out into the world. You are invited to pay us a visit!

Live a good life!

And help us motivate our kids to do it, too. Because life doesn’t start with us and isn’t over after us. As an organic part of the whole, we have to take over responsibility for this planet.

Forests protect biological diversity, produce vital oxygen and make an invaluable contribution to climate protection by binding huge amounts of carbon. By planting a tree you will help Planet Earth to return to its natural balance and produce new life.

What we stand for:

  • We plant new forests – the ancient forests of tomorrow.
  • We create intact ecosystems as a “green lung” for our planet.
  • We create living spaces for plants and animals.
  • We guarantee lifelong tree growth without wood harvesting
  • We do not operate forestry but reforestation.
  • We plant trees in Germany – feel free to visit us.
  • We purchase the land we plant the trees on in order to guarantee for their lifelong growth.
  • We cooperate with nature conservation groups in order to achieve the best arrangements for new ecosystems.
  • We work for greater biodiversity.
  • We create nectar sources for bees and look after them.
  • We enable transparency by communicating the location of our activities.
  • We want to contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement


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