Wilderness donation

Give life to nature and help us create the forests of tomorrow.
Every donation helps and makes an important contribution.
On our plots, old and new trees may grow their whole lives.
They give shelter, food and habitat up to lofty heights to other animals.
Various shrubs and flowers grow on the forest floor to complete the range.
With your help, nature can finally be nature again:
healthy diversity for a future worth living.
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10.000 Euro

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Important notes: Regular donations may be cancelled at any time. Your donation is tax deductible. You will receive a donation receipt in February of the following year. Your data will only be used for the administration of your donation. We will not pass any personal information on to third parties.


More Room for Nature: With Our Wilderness Donation

We need to stop climate change. Now. Before its too late. And you can help us make an important contribution: Your wilderness donation helps us save the climate and protect the habitats of lots of animals at the same time. Right here, on an area that we have acquired and protected for trees, plants and many different lifeforms to grow for all eternity.


With Your Donation, We Can Create Natural Ecosystems Rich in Biodiversity

We need nature. And nature needs us. As much as we need the air we breathe: Healthy ecosystems with trees, forests, bogs and great biodiversity are the foundation of all life on this planet. All of these elements contribute to a stable climate and clean air it is the foundation of life, a place to call home and CO2 storage at the same time. But our ecosystems are also fragile: Woodland is being cut down, rivers and lakes are being polluted, and swamps, bogs and marshland are being dried up.


This is why we, the Green Forest Fund e.V., protect nature proactively with your support! Your wilderness donation helps us to help nature: We create new ecosystems with trees, woodland, bogs, meadows and habitats for a rich biodiversity of birds, hares, butterflies, bumblebees and lots of other wildlife. After all, the healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier is our planet, too.


Give Life Back to Nature For Richer Biodiversity

No world without wilderness: In contrast to others, we guarantee for the life-long growth of the trees and other plants that we plant and protect. This means that new ecosystems with great biodiversity are created on our areas right in the heart of Germany. This way, we create little paradises for more biodiversity.


Born to Be Wild: Pristine Wilderness in Germany

What do we mean by wilderness? An area of land in which nature may unfold the way it wants without being influenced by humans. We want nature to be just that way. After all, we humans have been blind enough to destroy what had created us: Our nature. Its about time for change: By creating our protected ecosystems, we want to preserve nature in way that it may evolve without any human impact. Our idea is modeled on the Half-Earth Project by biologist E. O. Wilson, who proposed to save half of the earths surface as a nature reserve devoid of any humans in order to protect biodiversity.

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