Give the world a tree – or a forest!

Your Donation for Eternity

Your donation may turn our world into a greener place. With this donation, you save the climate and create precious living space for many animals. Right here, on a protected area, which we have acquired for trees, plants and many different forms of life to grow without being disturbed – for all their lives.

Plant a Tree or a Jungle –
and give a little life back to nature!

In contrast to others, we do not only plant and protect our trees, but we can also guarantee for their life-long growth. The trees on our plots will become part of a new ecosystem with great biodiversity – jungles right in the heart of Germany. But trees do not only save the climate. Since they also provide habitats to many species of plants and animals, we also support biodiversity by planting meadows and pastures for bees and butterflies This way, we create little paradises for more biodiversity.

Our Jungle Promise

We use your donations to buy plots in Germany to plant or preserve trees that are not exploited for industrial forestry. On those plots, the trees may grow without being disturbed to become tomorrow’s jungles – for all their lives! We do not just rent the plots, but we buy them – to protect them for all eternity. That’s our promise!

Common Good Instead of Profit

We did not establish the Green Forest Fund e.V. to yield returns from nature, but to return something to nature. This is why the Green Forest Fund e.V. is a non-profit organization without any pursuit of profit. Our simple goal is to plant trees and save the environment – for our own common good. We think that this will benefit everyone, instead of yielding profits for just a few.

Good for the Climate, Good for the People

Our jungles of tomorrow will provide habitats to many plants and animals, work as CO2 storage to improve the air, and fight climate change effectively. That is how we preserve the natural foundations of life for all of us – humans, animals and plants. We make an important contribution to the protection of the environment, biodiversity and CO2 absorption to meet the Paris Agreement.

Our Tree Certificate With Tracking Option

The certificate serves as a visible proof for your contribution to nature. Tree and forest donations always come with a number code which allows you to track your tree or your patch of woodland. What a nice idea for a trip to visit your personal tree!

Pick Your Donation

Plant a Tree, Create a Jungle, Lay out a Bee Pasture or Make a General Donation.


Give a tree
to the world

  • From 30 Euro
  • Tree number code for tracking
  • Personalized certificate
  • Guarantee for life-long protection


Forest Donation

Create your own
patch of jungle

  • From 5 Euro
  • Forest number code for tracking
  • Personalized certificate
  • Jungle Promise


Bee donation

Your contribution
to biodiversity

  • From 5 Euro
  • Personalized certificate
  • Living spaces for bees, bumblebees and butterflies


General Donation

Give a little life
back to nature

  • From 5 Euro
  • Personalized certificate
  • For a greener and more sustainable world


We Believe in Complete Transparency

We do not want to yield profits, but we work diligently for the common good. And we believe that the best way to achieve this is complete transparency: That is why we fully disclose, who we are, where our funds come from, and how we use them. We want you to understand our goals as an association and what we do with your donations. You can find all necessary information on this page – according to the standards by Transparency International and the Transparente Zivilgesellschaft initiative.

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