Setting a good example

Business cooperation

There are various ways in which you can support us in creating a better future. The key is to compensate our carbon footprint while creating sustainably protected living spaces for plants and animals. For that reason we also cooperate with companies that want to represent a sustainable economy.

Do something good together

Change in society can only be accomplished through joint efforts: take action for our climate, enhance biological diversity and create new living spaces for nature and animals. Companies and enterprises play an especially important role in acting out and communicating ideas: take part in an effective and transparent project through regional actions within Germany – and support climate protection activities in the long term as our partner or by making a donation. We will provide professional support and join in communicating your commitment to the public.

We stand strong for the protection of our environment

Working as a business together with the Green Forest Fund is a win-win-win situation: along with both parties, nature will also benefit from the collaboration. The detailed concepts of the various ways of cooperation will be defined in a confidential manner between you and us: we respect your wishes entirely and develop the concepts tailored around them. Because we want to make a real impact together.

Some examples of business cooperation:

  • Sustainability strategies and projects through tree donations
  • Land sponsorships
  • Internal communication efforts (i.e. certified tree gifts to employees or customers)
  • Charity runs
  • Compensation of your business’ and employees’ carbon footprints
  • Donating 1% of your sales to the future of our planet

The good we do comes back to us

A study by Germany’s largest market research institute GfK SE deals with the environmental consciousness of customers. It says that more and more consumers pay attention to businesses acting sustainably. A review study from 2017 by Löning has evaluated a number of studies on legislation, consumers and economy with regard to human rights and sustainability. A clear majority of the participating consumers in the studies is asking businesses to enhance their efforts for ecological sustainability.

Environmental protection will pay off – for you and nature

Ecological sustainability means benefits for companies. In a 2017 study, the Boston Consulting Group shows a correlation between a company’s sustainability and their profitability: accordingly, businesses that are actively working on their sustainability make between 0.5% and 4.8% higher profits.