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Without them, ecosystems don’t work:

A world without bees, bumblebees or butterflies would not only result in a catastrophe for nature but also for humankind. If there are no longer pollinating insects in an ecosystem, a vicious circle will start: without pollinators, there will be no plants; without plants, there will be no seeds or fruits. Without seeds or fruits, there will be no food for birds or bugs. And if they die, there won’t be any food for larger predators, either. Additionally, without pollination a lot of crop plants would cease to exist. The decline in varieties of species of wild bees could therefore impact our food supply, since an estimated 80% of all plants and crops in Germany can only live on thanks to pollination by bees.

What you can do to prevent this:

Plant precious living spaces for bees, bumblebees and butterflies and give back nature some important space! As an addition to our tree project, we will use your bee donations to acquire plots and create ecosystems that offer ideal living conditions for bees and pollinating insects. We will assign these spaces in Germany and ensure that they will be protected from seizure by investors or impacts of environmental damage. Animals and plants will find undisturbed spaces to live and a rich variety in soils and flowers: the perfect environment for reproduction. This is how we want to create – with your support – a place of maximum variety of species and a habitat for wild animals.

Plant life for the protection of environment and species!

Nothing good happens unless we do it. Let’s take action and start by creating precious spaces for bees, bumblebees and butterflies on the plots we acquire for ideal and undisturbed living conditions. It’s in your hands! In addition to a once-off donation, you can also take part in a sponsorship. Join us in making this world greener, more colorful and more beautiful. Together we can make an impact!

Give nature and wildlife a new habitat, create places of maximum biodiversity and protect the climate – all at the same time. As a thank-you and a lasting memory, you will receive a beautifully designed digital certificate!

We help you become a helper: nature will be grateful!

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