Tree donation

4 trees can neutralize your annual carbon footprint.

It is easy to do the maths: One tree can absorb roughly 3 tons of CO2 in a lifetime of 100 years. This equals more or less the amount that each of us emits in a quarter of a year in Germany. Four trees planted each year will thus compensate for our average carbon footprint. This makes trees one of the easiest and most effective measures against climate change, provided they are allowed to grow and reach their natural age.

Make a gift to nature and animals by providing new living spaces, and help create tomorrow’s ancient forests and protect our climate at the same time!

As a thank-you and a lasting memory, you will receive a beautiful digital certificate – including your personal identification number! It certifies your CO2 compensation and tells you your individual tree number! With this number you will be able to identify your tree any time on the land we purchase, on which the tree will never be cut down but will enjoy lifelong growth.

Everything starts with you! Take action by planting a tree. Or lots of them:


I donate 120 Euro and plant 4 trees for it

to compensate 100% of my CO2 emissions within one year.


I donate 240 Euro and plant 8 trees for it

to compensate 200% of my CO2 emissions within one year.

I donate Euro and plant for it

to compensate my CO2 emissions within years.


I donate 9600 Euro and plant 320 trees for it

to compensate my CO2 emissions within the entire life.


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I hereby authorize the Green Forest Fund e.V. (creditor identifier: DE90ZZZ00002001108) to collect payments from my account. At the same time, I instruct my financial institution to approve the direct debit drawn from my account by the Green Forest Fund e.V.

As part of your rights, you are entitled to a refund from your financial institution under the terms and conditions of your agreement with your financial institution. Said refund must be claimed within 8 weeks starting from the date on which your account was debited. You can cancel or terminate this SEPA direct debit mandate at any time without stating reasons.

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You will receive the number of unique mandate reference separately. In case of direct debit recall, an amount of €10 will be charged.

Important: this is a charitable contribution to the GREEN FOREST FUND (registered association). Your donation is tax deductible so you can save on your taxes! You will be awarded with an annual charitable donation certificate.

For reasons of simplification, the simplified statement of eligibility and the receipt from your bank are sufficient proof of tax deductibility for donations up to €200.

These terms apply only to donations issued within Germany. We kindly ask all donors outside Germany to note the terms of deductions from donations in the respective country of issue.

If you choose to arrange for a periodical donation, the first direct debit will be due immediately after placing the mandate. In case of monthly payment, the due amount will be collected on the first day of the month following the date of signature of the application and on the first day of any further month. In case of quarterly payment, the periodical direct debit will be due on the first day of each quarterly period (1st of April, July, October, and January, resp.); in case of biannual payment, at the turn of the half-year (1st of July and January, resp.); and in case of annual payment, on January 1st of each year.

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