Planting trees as a compensation for industrial areas? No way!

We do not support a modern sale of indulgences

We concentrate on protecting old forests and creating new ones. We will not use our plots for purposes of ecological compensation, because so-called compensation areas do not make up for the damage caused by the destruction of natural habitats. That’s why the Green Forest Fund refrains from this strategy and focuses on renaturing only those areas without pre-existing natural forests and on protecting forests by acquiring the plots as a benefit to the public—and not to industry or private investors—so they can grow to be the ancient forests of tomorrow.
In Germany, the sealing of surfaces in construction can be compensated for by purchasing vouchers, so-called ‘Ökopunkte’. This strategy has been called ‘modern sale of indulgences’ by critics. These vouchers for the ecological revaluation of plots are being offered on the internet by real estate companies and even auctioned on eBay. Moreover, significant shortcomings have been detected in the ways of compensation. This concerns the political means of compensation, which allows and encourages the excessive land consumption of 66 hectares per day in Germany.
For example: The construction of a 10 hectare parking lot can be made up for by creating a compensation area of only one hectare. Many woodland property owners and several environmental organization take part in this sale of indulgences, aiming for revenues and destroying nature. The contracts regulating the compensation of areas forever sealed last for a period of 30 to 40 years. After the expire, the compensation areas can also be sealed and made up for with other ‘compensation’ areas. And what is all that for? Revenue, money and greed.
We ask 30 Euros for a tree. That may seem a lot a first. But we don’t generate additional revenue from compensation areas and the trade of ‘Ökopunkte’ vouchers. We don’t get income from lumbering or the commercial exploitation of the trees we plant. And we don’t plant 5,000 trees or more per hectare, only to reforest or cut down trees after 10 or 20 years. All our trees may grow as long and as tall as they want to. We take action for an honest, sustainable and transparent protection of our climate and the environment. 100% for nature and our climate!

We stand against the strategy of compensation areas – nature is the key and not just a means to an end.

We reject this strategy and we won’t offer our plots to companies as compensation areas! This means a lot more to us: We want to return living spaces to nature and the animals. That’s why we create mixed woodlands to become the ancient forests of tomorrow—a green lung to improve the future climate in Germany. They will be spaces with maximum biodiversity. Vast protected sanctuaries with animals that used to be native to Germany but don’t have a home here anymore: wisents, wolves, moufflons, moose and bears. A wonderful place where nature can simply be nature. We are thankful for every little help we can get!
See also this interesting article on compensation areas (German only):


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