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which will provide 1 qm of pristine
living space for birds.

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which will provide 5 qm of pristine
living space for birds.

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living space for birds.

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living space for birds.

Become a Bird Conservationist!

Everybody knows what a tweet is. But apart from Twitter, when did you get your last one in real life? More and more bird species are vanishing forever: according to research by BirdLife International, one in eight bird species worldwide are threatened with extinction. This is primarily due to the loss of their habitats through deforestation and more densely built-up areas.

This has dramatic consequences not only for the birds but also for the environment. Birds are crucial for the dissemination of many species of plants: they feed on the fruit and excrete the seeds elsewhere. In this way, they ensure the reproduction of the plants. The jay, for example, is responsible for the spread of oaks and the thrush takes care of the distribution of rowan trees.

If insectivorous birds disappear, this will have dramatic consequences. Let’s look at this historical example: when Mao Zedong campaigned against the sparrows in China in the 1950s, he ordered them to be killed, because they were said to devour a large proportion of the grain. The consequences were devastating: after killing more than two billion sparrows, China was hit by an enormous plague of insects which killed 30 million Chinese people in the following famines.

It is clear that birds are integrated into ecosystems so closely that they have become indispensable. If bird species went extinct, we would not only miss the twittering of birds, but it would have a dramatic impact on our ecosystems: The sphere of plants and insects would radically change for the worse.

What Can We Do?

It’s not enough to try to keep the birds alive – it is their habitat and our environment that need to be protected! A diverse and intact ecological environment is the only way to ensure the survival of the species. It is therefore vital to provide hedges, green verges and fallow grounds as protected areas for birds.

Create Precious Living Spaces for Birds.

That’s why we have decided to give birds the space and the living conditions they need as part of an intact ecosystem. With your help, we enable them to live undisturbed and provide them with the protection necessary to raise their young. It’s the best way to help our feathered friends. We’re looking forward to your support!

As a thank-you and a lasting memory, you will receive a beautiful digital certificate!