Our Christmas-Time Special: ​​A Tree for a Gift!

A tree whose green will always delight us. Whether summer days be bright or winter’s snow so white: Christmas trees at our sites may grow, sustainably, for as long and tall as they want – without being cut down and thrown in the trash after Christmas.

​Green Delight as a Gift:​ ​Give Away a Sustainable Tree for Christmas.
​And get a beautiful certificate and an individual tree number: Your donation is a sustainable gift that will give delight all naturally. Not only to your loved ones: Giving away one of our trees for Christmas, you will also make a present to the environment.

​​As a sustainable reward, you will receive a mail from us containing a beautiful certificate and an individual tree number. Our tree tracker (Link) will show your loved ones the exact location of their protected tree, where it may grow as long and tall as it wants. So not only your loved ones are happy, but so is nature too!

Our Planet Needs Forest – Especially for Christmas.
Merry Christmas everywhere: If you love nature, why not support it where it belongs. By creating tomorrow’s forests, we protect our native woodland areas from deforestation and soil compaction – and make an important contribution to the protection of climate and biodiversity.

A Tree Is a Gift for Life.
​For your life and everyone else’s: Each tree planted is sure to be a great success – for every living being. ​Our trees may grow into natural forest ecosystems that provide habitats for a variety of animals and plants, improve our air quality, and – as a welcome side effect – fight climate change effectively. This is how nature is meant to be.

We really appreciate your support!


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