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Give life to nature and help us create the forests of tomorrow.
Every donation helps and makes an important contribution.
On our plots, old and new trees may grow their whole lives.
They give shelter, food and habitat up to lofty heights to other animals.
Various shrubs and flowers grow on the forest floor to complete the range.
With your help, nature can finally be nature again:
healthy diversity for a future worth living.
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1.200 Euro

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Important notes: Regular donations may be cancelled at any time. Your donation is tax deductible. You will receive a donation receipt in February of the following year. Your data will only be used for the administration of your donation. We will not pass any personal information on to third parties.


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Our association is funded only by donations. This is important to us in order to act independently.

To do this we need your help: With your support we pay for the search and purchase of land for the protection of the environment and for our public relations. Only with your donations can we create new living spaces for nature and protect them in the long term.

Thank you for supporting us!
This is the only way we can support nature!

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